NEW-RELEASE!!-Newest Patent 4 Wheels Balance Electric Scooter Hoverboard Skateboard iCarbot with APP, Powered walkcar -White

NEW-RELEASE!!-Newest Patent 4 Wheels Balance Electric Scooter Hoverboard Skateboard iCarbot with APP, Powered walkcar -White


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Product Description


Notebook size, easy portable, 4 wheels hoverboard, only 5.5KG weight, u can drive it anywhere at anytime.

The First one of worldwide 4 Wheels SelfBalancing Scooter (ICARBOT) now new release and begin to sell.

What is the fetures for Portable WalkCar Four Wheels Scooter ?

Driving Mode: Two Motor + FOC Drive Control + Sine Waves Vector Control of Portable WalkCar Four Wheels Scooter

Battery: Lithium Battery ; Removable Battery, Convenient-replacing

Carry Method : Portable, Putting in Backpack of Portable WalkCar Four Wheels Scooter

Motor Features : High Power Density, Small Size, Light Weight, Non-Alveolar Benefit, Running

Smoothly, Efficient, Good in Energy-Saving ;Reverse Charged When You Are Sliding and Braking

Main-board Features: High-Integrated Drive IC + Buck Power Control Circuit + High Precision Pressure Sensor

APP Function: Scan QR Code to Register the User Name: It Can Show the Speed, Electric Quantity, Pressure Gauge, Mileage, Total Mileage

Portable Charging: Portable Charging: Both Plus or Minus, Charging Immediately

Digital Display: Display Speed,Electric Quantity, Pressure Level, Fault lamp, Bluetooth Contacted Lamp

Software Control: Software Controls Colorful Atmosphere Lamp and Braking Lamp

Vehicle Frame: Vehicle Frame;Magnesium Alloy Cast Process

Frame: ABS+PC, ABC+PC, Fireproof Material of Portable WalkCar Four Wheels Scooter

Technical Specifications:

1. Distance can drive: 15KM 2. Highest Speed: 12KM/H 3. Speed Limitation Alert: Ringing and Heads Up 4. Climbing Alibility:15 Degree 5. Maximum Loading Ability: 120KGS 6. Working Temperature: -10 -40 Degree 7. Turning Radius: 0M 8. Product Power: 260W 9. Battery: Samsung Lithium Chargable Battery, 36V, 4.4A Capacity. 10. Battery Power: 158W 11. Charging Time and Temperature: 2-3 Hours and 0–45 Degree 12. Overcharging Protection: Yes 13. Charger: 100–240V, 50–60Hz 14: Waterproof: Level 5 15. Material: Aluminum 16. Production Size: 383.5×310.5×106.3MM . 17. Product weight:5.5kg 18. Packing and accessories: WalkCar, Charge, User’s Manual,Warranty Card etc.


WalkCar x1
Charger x1
User’s Manual x1


Packing Box Paper Gift Box+Inner Paper
Size: 350mmx350mmx130mm


Q: Do I need to charge the batteries before using them?

A: Yes, you should charge the batteries fully before first using them.

Q: Do I need to “brake-in” my batteries?

A: Yes, the batteries will need to have a “break-in” cycle consisting of ~ three discharge/charge cycles before they will reach optimum performance. This involves three complete discharge and three complete recharges. After this initial “break-in” cycle the batteries will have maximum possible performance and less line voltage fluctuations under load.

Q: How long will the batteries hold their charge?

A: All the batteries will self-discharge when not in use. The self-discharging rate depends on the temperature at which they are stored. Excessively cold or hot storage temperatures will drain the batteries faster than normal. Ideally the batteries should be stored at room temperature.

Q: Why should I recharge my batteries at least every 90days (Li-ion) when I’m not using them?

A: Batteries naturally loose their charge over time. To keep the batteries in optimal condition and extend their life. It’s recommended that a top-off recharge be performed at least every 90 days.

Q: What happen if I leave the power switch on longer than 5 minutes?

A: If you have left the power switch on or your product has not been charged for a long period of time, the batteries may reach a stage at which it will no longer hold a charge.

Q:Is it normal that the batteries get warm when recharging?

A: Yes,it is normal that the batteries will become warm to the touch during the recharging process. This is because the increase of the internal resistance and less energy conversion efficiency from electric energy to chemical energy.

Q:How long will my batteries last before needing replacement?

A: Average battery life depends on use and conditions. Even with proper care, rechargeable batteries does not last forever.

Additional Information

Range per Power

31 – 60 km

Power Supply

Lithium Battery

Voltage of Battery





251 – 350w



Frame Material


Max Speed


Product Size:






Maximum loading


Motor power


Charging time


Climbing Alibity



Level 5

Overcharging protection



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